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Life in Full Flow
1:1 Programme
Your Self-Discovery Mastery Journey 

6 steps to struggle-free living for exhausted creatives. 

How to end exhaustion, overwhelm, emotional imbalance, and negative thoughts so that you can prioritise your whole self and allow your power, passion and prosperity to flourish and move you forward. 

This transformational 12 weeks programme takes you deeper into yourself, and helps you re-prioritise your whole self, and apply natural and holistic tools and  techniques to enhance your balance, confidence, and well-being.


The one-to-one interactive and experiential learning online coaching programme will help you eliminate the overwhelm and worry, overcome exhaustion, emotional imbalance and negative thoughts, anxiety and low self-esteem.  


Step into your life free from stress and burnout & start feeling energized, calm, fulfilled and at ease. 


Connect to who you really are & create the life you were meant to live around your natural abilities.


A life in full flow creates a sense of abundance, exhilaration, effortlessness and energy.

Get in touch to learn the 6 Steps to go from depleted and stuck to replenished and flowing.

Swimming in Calm Sea

The 6 Steps to Living a Life in Full Flow

How to live a life that is rich, juicy, expansive, grounded, and flowing.


  1. Unwind and take care of yourself, while you take care of others.

  2. Uplift your energy to the next level through mindful and conscious living.

  3. Release old patterns while trusting and befriending yourself.

  4. Rebalance your emotions and achieve serenity and harmony in every area of life.

  5. Reconnect to your intuition and creativity so that you can step into your passion and purpose.

  6. Renew your personal power so that you can realize your highest potential and create even bigger goals

The one-to-one 12 weeks programme is designed to help you move forward.
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Life in Full Flow 
Welcomes You

Designed to help you prioritise your whole self and allow your power, passion and prosperity to flourish and move you forward

This one-to-one 12 week wellbeing coaching programme provides you with:

  • ​Confidential and sacred space to be heard, seen, and acknowledged. 

  • Dedicated time to focus on you, your dreams, your joy and your whole self.

  • The opportunity to prioritise your health and wellness and create balance and wellbeing for yourself.

  • The opportunity for making lasting changes in your life that are aligned to your heart’s needs and desires.

  • The opportunity to start discovering who you really are and what lights you up.

  • The opportunity to cut out the noise and tap into your inner wisdom, and feel fulfilled again.  

  • The opportunity to fill up your inner well and explore your creativity and deep self-nourishment.

  • Time to strengthen your knowledge, skills, and practices and start living the life your were meant to live.

  • An accountability partner to support you on your journey.

1:1 Programme: Welcome
Wellness Coach

The path towards healing lies in your heart.

This Self-Discovery Mastery Journey is for you, if one or more of these sound like you:  ​

  • Are you feeling constantly exhausted, frazzled, stressed and overwhelmed?

  • Do you reach for  sugary snacks or coffee throughout the day to keep you going and boost your energy?

  • Do you have zero energy to exercise and eating emotionally when stressed and exhausted? 

  • Do you get waves of anxiety before meetings or when you deal with your emails?

  • Are you stuck in fight or flight mode when you are in meetings?

  • Do you feel stuck at work and life?

  • Have you become unmotivated and indecisive?

  • Do you feel irritable, cynical, angry, anxious or wobbly at work? 

  • Do you feel that old patterns hold you back from growth and development? 

  • Are you just going through the motions, and you're just not enjoying anything?

  • Have you lost your confidence to move up in your career or achieving your full potential?

  • Have you stopped dreaming and creating bigger goals because of exhaustion or lack of self-esteem?

1:1 Programme: About

The Self-Discovery Mastery Journey is for you if:

  • I crave a life that is rich, juicy, expansive, grounded, and flowing.

  • I feel that this prosperous state is  unreachable and I need help.

  • I am ready to learn and implement the 6 steps to go from depleted and stuck to replenished and flowing.

Rainbow and Waterfall
1:1 Programme: Text

The 6 Steps to Living a Life in Full Flow
What the one-to-one 12 weeks programme will cover:


Unwind your mind and body and claim your Me time

You'll learn:

  • How to honour your day strategically and thoughtfully.

  • How to feel in control of your day and take charge of your to do list so that your daily schedule is aligned with your work, life and wellness goals.


Release old patterns and trust yourself again

You’ll learn:

  • How to become open to restoring and receiving, releasing old patterns of overwork, overwhelm, overdoing, overthinking and overachieving.


Reconnect to your wild and wise inner self

You’ll learn:​

  • How to reconnect to your intuition and your heart to enhance your self-awareness and ignite your passion and fulfil your unique purpose.

  • How to use your intuition to make better decisions in your life and work, and face the uncertainties and every day stressors with ease.


Uplift your energy

You’ll learn:

  • How to manage your energy supply naturally and holistically throughout the day, and not your time so that you have energy for your work and your loved ones.


Rebalance your emotions and every area of your life

You’ll learn:

  • How to develop emotional awareness and cultivate emotional balance and resilience so that you claim back your confidence and be that high performer.


Renew your personal power and vision of life  

You’ll learn:

  • How to fully embrace your personal power and continue prioritising your holistic wellness and prosperity while you are able to move up in your career even do your own thing on the side.

  • How to establish a dream team that cheers you and uplifts you and find your community.

Here’s what you get when you enrol on our 12 weeks holistic wellbeing coaching programme:

  • A tried and tested powerful and transformational framework.

  • 6 x 90-minute online sessions (Skype or Zoom) for teaching, learning and coaching.

  • A range of relevant homework, exercises, reflection practices and resources to enable action learning.

  • Check-ins and cheat sheets to track progress.

  • Accountability check-ins throughout the duration of the programme.

  • Access to a curated list of holistic wellness resources to support you on your journey.

Plus delightful Bonuses:

Bonus #1 Mind and Body Manual 

Bonus #2 High Vibes Tool

Bonus #3 Letting Go Journal

Bonus #4 Emotional Balance Manual 

Bonus #5 Wild and Wise Inner Self Manual 

Bonus #6 Personal Power Journal

Bonus #7  half-day The Gift of Wellness (at-home) retreat for graduates (Value £60)

To find out more about the programme, please contact to schedule
a 30 min discovery call and see if we are a good fit to work together.
Want to schedule a slot now? 

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