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Uplift Your Energy & Beat Burnout - Free workshop
Uplift Your Energy & Beat Burnout - Free workshop



every 4th Thursday of the month, Zoom

Uplift Your Energy & Beat Burnout - Free workshop

Join this live interactive 40 min workshop and learn simple rituals to energise yourself in 5 min or less and start feeling lighter & full of zest for life.

Time & Location


every 4th Thursday of the month, Zoom

About the event

Exhaustion, fatigue, stress and burnout are experienced daily by people at work and at home. 

We all get exhausted for different reasons: work-life balance, burnout, female cycle, weight issues, travel, relationships and finances. Exhaustion can affect our life, work, relationships, enthusiasm, mood and our general self-worth. Exhaustion can reduce our quality of life as it makes some of us feel numb and we can no longer enojoy simple things in life!

Join our workshop to discover simple and practical ways to boost your energy and beat exhaustion so that you can start feeling recharged and nourished and attain your life and work goals more successfully.

We'll be following this workshop with a Loving Kindness Meditation. A perfect conclusion to create an evening to boost your mind, body and soul!

Click on the below link to see testimonials from participants attending previous workshops:

Click here to find out what workshop participants say.

Active participation and sharing your own experiences and action steps is encouraged.

Who is this Workshop for:

- Women who manage businesses, projects and teams

- Women who has set high goals for themselves and their teams

- Women who wish to create a calm and productive working environment around themselves

- Women who want to achieve personal and professional growth and development.

Join us for an interactive online session with our Founder, Vessela Warren.

Learn more about Vessela’s background and experience.

The workshop will take place via Zoom.

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