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Mindful Writing Workshops

Wellness Coach
The path towards healing lies in your heart.
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Reserve your spot in one of my online or in-person mindful, free flow writing workshops.

Our mindful restorative writing workshop to

expand your mind, rewild your body & connect with your soul.

A safe space to write from you heart.

Core themes for mindful writing

Using a core theme for healing and self-discovery, join us for one hour session of restorative writing and mindfulness to expand your mind, rewild your body & connect with your soul.

Take a little time out for yourself from 9:30 am to 10:30 am UK time on Saturday. 

September 2023: Courage

October 2023: Calm

December 2023: Confidence

January 2024: Compassion

March 2024: Communication

April 2024: Clarity 

June 2024: Connection

We'll begin with a soothing mindfulness meditation followed by time to journal, reflect and share.

Hands Up
Connect to uplifting and supportive online writing community. 

These Mindful Writing Workshops

are for you, if you want to:  ​

  • End stress, overwhelm and exhaustion

  • Feel nourished and replenished

  • Unblock your creative energies

  • Create new healthy habits

  • Feel calm, joyful and fulfilled 

  • Build clarity, courage and confidence

  • Find inner peace and connect to your inner source of creativity

  • Tune into your heart's desires and make changes in your life courageously

  • Make decisions with ease in alignment with your values and desires and communicate these clearly

Want to reserve your seat onto our popular Mindful Writing Workshop? Limited seats.

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