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3 steps to setting your intention for wellness and creativity within

There are times when we need to prioritise ourselves and heal our bodies so that we can awaken our creative energy. This may entail practicing yoga, paying close attention to work boundaries and personal relationships, and eating a healthy diet so that we can prioritise ourselves first.

I embarked on a 100 day elimination diet plan, and I learnt that what really helped me persevere with this plan which is physically, mentally and emotio

nally challenging was about setting up an intention.

I needed to connect to my inner knowing, and sink out of my mind and into my heart to follow through with this plan.

Setting intention allows us to letting go. Letting go the old and welcome the new.

My experience with intention is that it has to come from our heart, which is our creative force. Once we plant the seed of our heart’s desire, we need to tend to it, to nourish and nurture the soil so that the seed can grow and thrive.

Tending to your intention will be different for

us all, but for everyone it takes patience, kindness and dedication.

If you want to set out your intention, set this as clearly as possible.

For me, my intention was to succeed with the food elimination plan so that I can awaken my creative energy. I wanted to go food shopping, cook my meals, and prepare all the meals alongside my family meals no matter how tired or overwhelmed I was. It helped me holding that vision that would evoke a feeling of achievement, a feeling of really looking after myself, and tending to myself with kindness and understanding, nourishing my body in a way that I have never done it before.

Here my three key steps to setting an intention for wellness and creativity within:

1. Set your intention clearly,

2. Tune into how you want to feel,

3. And then tend to your intention tenderly, every day.

Sending good wishes and encouragement to you today to make your heart’s desire come true.

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